You have the data, with qashqade you can use it to make decisions based on them. The data is integrated with the calculations, so you know what the plan mean for your liquidity, how much you need to call and when, when you might expect performance fees to be due and what the IRR will be – for one fund or a multitude of them. This is as well your expectation tracking solution as you can see in an instant how far you got from your initial scenario and the deviation’s impact on your numbers.

what for?

  • Provide deal teams with user interface to provide portfolio planning data on which scenarios are created
  • Calculate accurate expected values for all scenarios to manage expectations
  • Track scenarios against reality throughout life cycle to make corrective decisions based on reference metrics

key features

  • Ability to do liquidity analysis or impact analysis quickly and correct
  • Track the evolution of your portfolio in one place and compare against your original planning
  • Model for each fund, each LP or for each investment/deal
  • Run calculations for any combination of models

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