qashqade is an award-winning product suite helping private markets CFOs guarantee accuracy, improve transparency and build trust with their investors, clients and beneficiaries.

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qashqade streamlines and automates fee and waterfall calculations and reporting for private funds, replacing manual processes and unstable spreadsheets.

Tailored solutions for private markets

Fund Managers & GPs
Replace error-strewn manual spreadsheets with powerful automation designed for calculations for fees, with accurate data that’s always available and up-to-date.
Fund Administrators
Streamline calculations, allocation processes and automate financial and investor reporting, achieving accurate, precise results effortlessly.
Investors & LPs
Gain better visibility on your exposure and get up-to-date results for LPA validations, monitoring, tracking and scenario modeling. Tailor the solution to your specific needs.
Advisors & Law Firms
Create Limited Partnership Agreements based on maths logic outputs from qashqade and discuss with your clients. With no IT, maths or Excel expertise required.
Fund distribution waterfall & reporting technology
Guaranteed accurate, automated calculations for any asset class
qashqade’s step-logic LPA modeling enables it to handle even the most complex waterfall calculations, eliminating human error and spreadsheet failure.
Improves management oversight and stakeholder transparency
Provides a single point of truth for communications around distribution terms, making complex calculation outputs accessible to non-technical professionals​.
peace of mind
Delivering peace of mind for all participants in private markets​
Engineered in Switzerland by private market experts​, supported by an international team of financial analysts and consultants, and SOC II certified.
qashqade Spring 2024 release brings Total Compensation Cockpit to Portal
Version 24.0.0 brings a range of improvements to the Stakeholder Portal including a Total Compensation Cockpit, third-party application integration, an easier-to-use Partner Transfer feature, and more.
qashqade creates new integration partnership with Entrilia
Entrilia clients can now seamlessly run qashqade waterfall calculations directly within the Entrilia application, enhancing accuracy and transparency for fund accountants.
A modular solution built for alternative investments
Waterfall Calculation
Calculates every value for your management and performance fees, every LP’s share in return of capital, hurdle and gain, considering LP or deal-specific rules.
GP Incentives Allocation
Carried interest calculations: by organization, deal, carry holder, or LPA. Model, track, report, and distribute while controlling clawbacks, costs, and performance.
LPA Validation
Bespoke outcomes, by organization, deal, carry holder, or LPA. Reallocate, forfeit, split or reschedule performance fees according to your rules.
Cap Table Management
Gain an instant overview of the ownership structures and investment values in your portfolio. Model different funding scenarios and accelerate time-to-market.
Making sense of private fund distribution calculation models
The term "waterfall" in private markets can mean different things to different people, often leading to confusion, misunderstandings and ultimately, wasted time. Our white paper helps to make sense of waterfall calculation models in context of different allocation scenarios.
Waterfall calculations white paper
Drawdown awards 2023
qashqade wins technology award at the 2023 Drawdown awards
qashqade were thrilled to be a finalist in the 2023 Drawdown awards, being chosen as winner in the ‘Technology: Accounting & Reporting’ category for service providers.
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