At qashqade we believe that meaningful innovation must serve humans to make better business decisions based on data and technology.
With this conviction, we have developed a unique private market enterprise solution for fund managers, fund administrators and investors.
No pain,


To support you in the best manner from analysis to implementation.
So you can focus on your core job.
To push the boundaries in our market and always be one step ahead.
we work hard
the big picture,
One centralized data hub to accelerate your decisions.
Analytics at your fingertips, from everywhere, anytime.
Instant access for every market player to their relevant information.
Reduce your risk by removing spreadsheets and calculation errors.
Always up-to-date product by constant testing processes.
Increase the quality of your waterfall calculations massively.
smaller in number we are,
Specific expertise we got,
many years of experience we have.
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By listening to the needs of our clients and the market, we are continuously changing our offering to stay on top of what you are looking for.
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