qashqade is an enterprise product suite designed to streamline the calculation, allocation, tracking and reporting processes for private markets.

Increase transparency, accuracy, and replace manual, error-prone spreadsheets with qashqade, the new unique standard for fund managers, fund administrators and investors.

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Fund Managers & General Partners
Fund Managers & GPs
Replace error-strewn manual spreadsheets with powerful automation designed for calculations for fees, with accurate data that’s always available and up-to-date.
Fund Administrators
Fund Administrators
Streamline calculations, allocation processes and automate financial and investor reporting, achieving accurate, precise results effortlessly.
Investors & Limited Partners
Investors & LPs
Gain better visibility on your exposure and get up-to-date results for LPA validations, monitoring, tracking and scenario modeling. Tailor the solution to your specific needs.
Advisors & Law Firms
Advisors & Law Firms
Model scenarios, track KPIs and predictive models allow analysis with up-to-date data. Get on-demand support and training from our experts.
Automating distribution and carry waterfalls in one scalable platform
precise, digital calculations
qashqade’s step-logic LPA modeling can handle waterfall calculations as granular as per investor or per deal. Our calculation engine delivers fast, accurate results.
asset class and industry agnostic
Whether you’re investing in private equity, private debt or real estate, qashqade's waterfall distribution algorithms are adaptable to any operational requirements.
save time and increase efficiency
Create LPA logic steps as required and reproduce or edit specific settings for bespoke deals, investors or funds. Get results in seconds, whilst eliminating key-person risk.
improve management oversight
Create and deliver bespoke automated reports with two clicks. Apply profile options for selected data views and analysis, replacing manual and risk-prone spreadsheets.
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Latest qashqade release brings more power to GPs, LPs and fund admins
The Summer 2023 release of qashqade brings even more benefits to financial institutions looking to increase transparency, governance and accuracy across their calculation, allocation and reporting processes.
A Jumble of Waterfalls: Making sense of distribution calculation models
The term "waterfall" in private markets can mean different things to different people, often leading to confusion, misunderstandings and ultimately, wasted time. Our new white paper helps to make sense of waterfall calculation models in context of different allocation scenarios.
Waterfall calculations white paper
Drawdown awards 2023
qashqade wins technology award at the 2023 Drawdown awards
qashqade were thrilled to be a finalist in the 2023 Drawdown awards, being chosen as winner in the ‘Technology: Accounting & Reporting’ category for service providers.
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