Our Waterfall Calculation Engine provides bespoke outcomes whether used for fund waterfall distributions or to validate third-party calculations. Accurate, intuitive, and transparent.

Hurdle, catch-up and performance fees

qashqade's flexible waterfall configuration steps allow you to create an algorithm which calculates every value for your management and performance fees, every LP’s share in return of capital, hurdle and gain, considering LP or deal-specific rules.

Always accurate
Our multi-layer, rules-based logic creator is built for running the most specific fund waterfall calculations. Whether it’s performance or management fees, complex calculations are now quick and easy to calculate.
Reporting has never been easier
Give stakeholders a bespoke user experience by granting access to the reports relevant to them via user profile settings and permissions.
Per investor, per deal
qashqade's step-logic waterfall configuration allows the creation of innumerable rules out of multiple algorithms, enabling LPA-specific terms to be deployed for calculations.
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An enterprise suite of modules to enhance your solution


qashqade can be delivered on-premise or as a full SaaS solution.