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Our Mission

Albert Einstein once said: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Our software should enable the Private Market industry, non-listed companies and Start-Ups and more importantly our clients to make complex calculation results available for non-technical professionals, enabling them to increase transparency and efficient communication about distribution terms among Private Markets Business Partners.

Company History

qashqade was founded in early 2018 with the objective to allow Private Market companies and their investors to calculate their waterfall and Carried Interest in a fully automated system instead of in Excel spreadsheets, therefore allowing a direct communication between GP and LP about the terms and the potential payout.

During the first months of our journey we discovered that our software can also be used by Start-Ups and private companies to model and simulate their CAP table helping them to track their investors and shareholders and allowing them to model and forecast the next funding round. Given the demand for such a tool in the market, we also added this instrument to our product suite.

meet the team_

David Wendt
Application Creation Trainee

David Wendt joined qashqade in July 2022 as a Software Developer Trainee. He supports the IT Team. David is studying computer science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Felipe Wetter
Services for Private Markets Associate

Felipe Wetter joined qashqade in March 2022. As Private Markets Associate, Felipe brings along entrepreneurial experience in finance and project management. Felipe holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration.

Francisca Rodo

Francisca joined qashqade in July 2022 as Marketing Lead. She counts with 9+ years of experience in Marketing and Sales specialising as Growth Manager for software companies within Latam and Spain. Francisca studied Business and holds a Msc. in Marketing degree from Adolfo Ibañez University, Chile.

Gregor Kreuzer
CPO & Co-Founder

Gregor is an expert in the various In’s and Out’s of the product features in the Private Markets waterfall world. He worked in various roles in the financial services sector most recently as the product architect for EWM Global in Zurich. Gregor holds a Master in Physics from the ETH in Zurich and an MBA from Rochester-Bern.

István Lajtai
Head of Services for Private Markets

István Lajtai, CFA joined qashqade in January 2020. As Head of Services for Private Markets, István brings along 10+ years of experience in financial modelling and performance-based executive compensation. István holds a Double Master´s Degree in Economics and in CEMS International Management.

Jeannine Wirth
Head HR

Jeannine Wirth joined qashqade in April 2019. She takes care of the HR, advises the executives and works on various projects in the business development area. Jeannine is a qualified management specialist and brings along over 15 years of experience in leadership and project management.

Kathleen O'Leary
Chief Revenue Officer

Kathleen has spent 20 years leading innovative firms in their global strategic growth. Joining qashqade in November 2022 as Chief Revenue Officer, Kathleen is responsible for business development, sales and customer success. She resides near Lausanne, Switzerland but is originally from Washington, DC where she completed her MBA from the Darden School at University of Virginia.

Leon Wendt
Application Creation Trainee

Leon Wendt joined qashqade in April 2022 as a Software Developer Trainee. He supports the IT Team. Leon is studying computer science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Mihai Popescu
Dev Ops

Mihai joined qashqade in July 2022. He brings experience in infrastructure management, system administration and DevOps toolchains. He holds a Computer Science Batchelor’s degree and studied Distributed Systems for his Master’s degree.

Oliver Freigang
CEO & Co-Founder

Over the last 30 years Oliver worked in various senior roles in the financial services sector in different places like Zurich, London, New York and Düsseldorf. Among other roles he held positions as CEO of Equatex or head of Business Development. Oliver holds an MBA from the University of Florida and Nyenrode University, Netherlands.

Paul Foley

Paul has worked in Financial Services for over 20 years, including trading, wealth management, private banking and institutional crypto. He joined qashqade in September 2022 as CTO and is responsible for product development and the IT function of qashqade. Pauls holds a BSc from Derby University.

Péter Juhász

Peter joined qashqade in September 2022. Previously, he worked as a management consultant and collected 20+ years of experience in higher education and international business training. Besides being a CFA charter-holder, Peter holds a PhD in Business Administration (Business Valuation) and a Master´s Degree in Economics (Finance and Business Performance Analysis) and is a qualified trainer and coach.

Péter Vass
Services for Private Markets Associate

Péter Vass joined qashqade in October 2021. As Private Markets Associate, Péter brings along experience in finance and process improvements. Péter holds a Master´s Degree in Finance.

Roman Zogg

Roman Zogg joined qashqade in January 2022 as CFO & COO. Roman has worked over 20 years in the financial services industry among other things as head of trading, chief data scientist and head of financial controlling. He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, holds a professional designation in Financial Risk Management and Sustainability and Climate Risk.

Thomas Mackell
Head of Business Development US

Thomas joined qashqade in May 2022 as Head of Business Development US. He brings along vast experience in equity trading, desk management, selling commission, recapture, and transition management. He worked 15 years as National Sales Director for TH at a US financial institution. Thomas holds a degree in Marketing and Finance from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus in New York and studied International Business at Richmond College in London.

Tom Sebastian
Application Creation Architect

Tom Sebastian was in charge of the development of the qashqade tool since the beginning. He joined qashqade in April 2020 as CTO. Now he supports the CPO with strategic decision around a product and is responsible for the technology stack and its development. Tom holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Lille.

Tünde Kiss
Services for Private Markets Expert

Tünde Kiss joined qashqade in March 2021. As Private Markets Expert, Tünde leads multiple projects for investor fee validation, as well as for the implementation and due diligence of funds’ carried interest models. Tünde holds a Master´s Degree in Finance with specialization in Investment Analysis.

Vivien Tax

Vivien Tax joined qashqade in October 2022. As Private Markets Associate, Vivien brings along experience in financial modeling and project management. Vivien holds an MSc in Finance from the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Advisory Board_

Jeffrey Gelfand

Jeffrey Gelfand brings along over 20 years experience in the investment manager World. As the former CFO of Centebridge, a USD 28bn AuM Private Equity firm, he knows the challenges of the industry and understands the value our software can add. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Universitiy of Michigan.

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