Helping private markets CFOs guarantee accuracy, improve transparency and build trust with their investors, clients and beneficiaries.​

what we do

Engineered in Switzerland by private markets experts, qashqade guarantees accuracy, improves transparency and builds trust between GPs, LPs and their beneficiaries.

We do this through an award-winning enterprise product suite that streamlines and automates fee and waterfall calculations and reporting for private funds, replacing manual processes and unstable spreadsheets.

The qashqade platform offers CFOs a modular solution that can handle any asset class and any level of complexity. Headquartered in Zürich, qashqade also has offices in New York, London, and Budapest. ​




We value and promote professional expertise in everything we do across all parts of the business, from financial analysis and modeling to software development to sales and client service.



Our solution creates trust through transparency, and we encourage all our employees to be honest and transparent with each other as well as our customers.



Everyone’s input matters, and so we encourage collaboration across the business to ensure the best outcomes for employees and customers alike.



Ownership of both the rights and wrongs are crucial to ensuring the company achieves its goals together, admitting mistakes and helping each other to make things right.


Oliver Freigang
CEO & Co-Founder

Oliver has over 30 years experience in various senior roles in the financial services sector in Zurich, London, New York and Düsseldorf. Among other roles he held positions as CEO of Equatex and Head of Business Development. Oliver holds an MBA from the University of Florida and Nyenrode University, the Netherlands.

Gregor Kreuzer
CPO & Co-Founder

Gregor is an expert in waterfall calculations and distributions in the private markets sector. He has worked in various roles in financial services, predominantly as product manager and IT leader. Gregor holds a Master's in Physics from the ETH in Zurich, an MBA from Rochester-Bern and a certification in Financial Modelling, Valuation and M&A from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Paul Foley

Paul has worked in financial services for over 20 years, including trading, wealth management, private banking and institutional crypto. He joined qashqade in 2022 as CTO and is responsible for product development and the IT function of qashqade. Pauls holds a BSc from Derby University.

Stefano Blasin

Stefano joined qashqade in 2023 to bring expertise in strategic financial management and business analysis. After initiating his career at PwC, Stefano has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in senior positions in finance across diverse industries. He holds a Master’s degree in economics and business administration from the University of Zurich and is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant.

István Lajtai
Head of Advisory

István Lajtai, CFA joined qashqade in 2020. As Head of Advisory for Private Markets, István brings along a decade of experience in financial modelling and performance-based executive compensation in the investment management industry. István holds a Double Master´s Degree in Economics and in CEMS International Management.

Péter Vass
CEO, Hungary

Péter joined qashqade in 2021. As CEO of our Hungary office, Péter brings extensive experience across our sales, operations and service for private markets teams. Péter holds a Master's Degree in Finance.

Vivien Tax
Senior Business Consultant

Vivien joined qashqade in 2022. As a Senior Business Consultant, Vivien brings extensive experience in financial modelling and project management. Vivien holds an MSc in Finance from the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Thomas Mackell
Head of Business Development US

Thomas joined qashqade in 2022 as Head of Business Development US. He brings along vast experience in equity trading, desk management, selling commission, recapture, and transition management. He worked 15 years as National Sales Director for TH at a US financial institution. Thomas holds a degree in Marketing and Finance from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus in New York and studied International Business at Richmond College in London.

David J. Wilson
Sales Director, EMEA

David joined qashqade in 2023 to drive strategic growth and customer success in EMEA. He comes from a distinguished SaaS sales background working with Investment Management Fintech’s in Luxembourg, London, New York, and Boston. David lives with his family in England’s New Forest and has a keen interest in Rugby Union where he has represented Ireland and Luxembourg at international levels. David holds a BSc Honours Degree in Project Management.

Felipe Wetter
Manager - Services for Private Markets

Felipe Wetter joined qashqade in 2022. As a Services for Private Markets Manager, Felipe brings extensive entrepreneurial experience in finance and project management. Felipe holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.


Matthew Craig-Greene

Matt has spent 25 years working in software and private markets, launching numerous firms and holding Director and C-suite positions in others. Alongside his duties at qashqade’s advisory board, he is Head Tutor of the University of Oxford’s Private Markets Investment programme, as well as running Wagtails Private Markets Advisory and Brandstory Partners, a branding and communications agency. He is a subject matter expert and frequent speaker on the topic of LP/GP relations and runs one of LinkedIn’s largest private markets groups. Matt lives outside London with his wife, three children and their dog, Lottie.