Using qashqade means waterfall and carried interest calculations can be automated, replacing manual, error-prone spreadsheets and transparency between GPs and LPs is increased through enhanced reporting.

Fund distribution & carried interest calculations

Using Excel

Human Error

Key Person Risk

Security Risk

Lack of Scale

Data Silos

No Audit Trail

Using qashqade

Precise Calculations


Accurate Reporting


Flexibility & Scale

Audit Trail

Reasons to use qashqade

  • Strengthen your compliance and risk management processes and prepare for the future​.
  • Futureproof your processes and get ahead of industry regulation.
  • Use beyond calculating carried interest. Use it for fundraising, investor relations and forecasting​.
  • Make complex calculations and their results available for non-technical professionals​.
  • Increase the stability and reliability of calculations, giving you and your team peace of mind.
  • Enable transparency based on the needs and demands of you as a user.
Read how qashqade benefits private markets
pension fund
Large Pension Fund and LPA Validation
On several occasions during the LPA validation project, the differences discovered by qashqade led to changes of the calculation with the GP and resulted in amounts being credited back to the client.
fund administrator
Scaling Operations for a Global Fund Administrator
With qashqade in place the client can now onboard new clients faster due to the scalability and inherent capability of the application.
Increasing Operational Excellence for a Large Fund Manager
Increasing Operational Excellence for a Large Fund Manager
With qashqade at their disposal, the fund manager’s teams cannot only deliver calculation results more consistently with less effort involved, they can increase their operational excellence by focusing on process and reporting improvements.

The qashqade method

At qashqade, client success is a priority, that's why our Services for Private Markets team takes care of every detail during our client's first steps, leading the onboarding experience. The 'qashqade method' takes you through the application set up, data review, LPA analysis and we then offer comprehensive advisory services to guide you to success.

qashqade method
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Latest qashqade release includes powerful Secure Portal
The autumn release of qashqade (v23.3.0) brings brand new Secure Portal functionality, improving communications and transparency with your business partners.
A Jumble of Waterfalls: Making sense of distribution calculation models
The term "waterfall" in private markets can mean different things to different people, often leading to confusion, misunderstandings and ultimately, wasted time. Our new white paper helps to make sense of waterfall calculation models in context of different allocation scenarios.
Waterfall calculations white paper
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