qashqade is an award-winning enterprise product suite that streamlines and automates fee and waterfall calculations and reporting for private funds, at scale.

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Bespoke solutions dedicated to private markets

Combine features and modules from the platform to your exact needs.
On-demand support and training services, provided by our experts.
Advisory, compliance and due diligence services bespoke to your organization.
Automation for Fund Administrators
At the core of our platform sits the qashqade calculation engine, which allows you to create an unlimited number of rules based on configurable algorithms.
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Waterfall Calculation Engine
Calculates, allocates and reports management fees, hurdle, or catch-up. The module can be tailored to any specific LPA structure, individual deal or investor. Integrates with data mapping and reporting modules that allow profile specific login options or automated delivery.
Financial & Investor Reporting
Keep communication with your clients alive with qashqade's reporting modules. Fully customize investor reports, include bespoke metrics in your fund’s financial statements, capital calls or distribution notices. Create custom templates and brand your reports with our reports generator.
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Data Exchange
Integrate, centralize and organize your data in one place. Create multiple data sets within a fund or apply further scenario modeling and analysis. With Data Exchange, data from multiple applications can be unified into one platform with minimal effort and maximum results.
Scaling Operations for a Global Fund Administrator
Learn how qashqade helped one the largest fund administrators worldwide with regular waterfall calculations for several hundred funds under administration to provide accurate numbers for management and performance fees.
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qashqade can be delivered on-premise or as a full SaaS solution.