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Waterfall Calculation for Law Firms
At the core of our platform sits the qashqade calculation engine, which allows you to create an unlimited number of rules based on configurable algorithms.
waterfall calculation
Waterfall Calculations Engine
Calculates, allocates and reports management fees, hurdle, or catch-up. The module can be tailored to any specific LPA structure, individual deal or investor. Integrates with data mapping and reporting modules that allow profile specific login options or automated delivery.
LPA validation
LPA Validation
Get increased transparency and management oversight of all your Limited Partnership Agreements and terms, reducing risk of errors and compounded inaccuracies. Model, track, report, and distribute while controlling clawbacks, costs, and performance.
data exchange
Data Exchange
Integrate, centralize and organize your data in one place. Create multiple data sets within a fund or apply further scenario modeling and analysis. With Data Exchange, data from multiple applications can be unified into one platform with minimal effort and maximum results.
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A Jumble of Waterfalls: Making sense of distribution calculation models
The term "waterfall" in private markets can mean different things to different people, often leading to confusion, misunderstandings and ultimately, wasted time. Our new white paper helps to make sense of waterfall calculation models in context of different allocation scenarios.
Waterfall calculations white paper


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