The Carried Interest Allocation Tool delivers instant outcomes and can be used for carried interest distributions or to validate third-party calculations. Grant carry holders online access to their points, realizations and vesting schedules. Executive compensation has never been easier to track and allocate.

Carried interest allocation made easy

Carried interest calculations: by organization, deal, carry holder, or LPA. Model, track, report, and distribute while controlling clawbacks, costs, and performance. With qashqade, you can easily reallocate, forfeit, split or reschedule carried interested points according to your rules.

Save time and
Streamline the administration management of your carried interest programs. Users may also provide access to the data of each individual carry holder online using the carry holder view.
Detailed reporting on structure, entity or carry holder level. Plus, online access for carry holders to view their points and their value. Use with our PDF reporting assistant to manage the whole spectrum.
Decisions based
on data
qashqade's unique solution to calculate cashflows and the corresponding fees unlocks better results, accuracy, and transparency for all stakeholders.
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An enterprise suite of modules to enhance your solution


qashqade can be delivered on-premise or as a full SaaS solution.