Use our wealth of expertise from having studied many LPAs, calculations, and complexities around the topics of waterfalls, performance fees, data, and reporting. We can help you create more profitable, more beneficial and more effective processes with properly calculated and validated decision foundations.

Managed Services
Looking for a fully managed service rather than an in-house solution?

We offer an entirely hands-off process around selected calculations, investor, and investment reporting workstreams.

Complete outsourcing of your model calculations to qashqade from data input to result review and interpretation.

Fully customized reporting both on pre-agreed and on an ad hoc basis.

Profiting from model review, update and improvement recommendations on an on-going basis.
Are your current calculations correct?

Did your predecessor set up the current calculation model properly?

Do you understand the terms in the LPA as your counterpart does?

Get a GP deep dive reconciliation, due diligence or performance fees calculation forensics.

Get a second set of eyes on you and your counterpart's results; advisory on model reconciliation or fee validation.
LPA Validation - trust but verify
Are you paying too much to your General Partners? Are the management fees they are charging you calculated correctly? Do you have confidence in what is happening across all of your partnership agreements? We help LPs get the deal they signed up for.
White Paper: LPA Validation - trust but verify
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