Improve the client experience with qashqade’s reporting modules. Fully customizable, branded investor reports and portals allow you to include bespoke metrics in your fund’s financial statements, capital calls or distributions notices, managing everything from one central platform.

waterfall reporting
Centralize LP reporting and notices
Customized reporting, personalized metrics, results, and charts, mean the fund manager's imagination is the limit. qashqade includes a powerful reporting tool to deliver fast and accurate annual, quarterly, weekly or daily reports.
Distribute reports via a Stakeholder Portal
Improve transparency and build trust with your investors, clients and beneficiaries by creating and distributing perfectly branded, accurate reports via a Stakeholder Portal.
Fund financials, statements and reports
Fund financial statements per investor, per deal. qashqade allows you to store, manage and work with all your data, run waterfall calculations and report cash flows and results within the same platform.
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qashqade can be delivered on-premise or as a full SaaS solution.