qashqade provides bespoke outcomes, by organization, deal, carry holder, or LPA. Model, track, report, and distribute while controlling clawbacks, costs, and performance. With qashqade you can easily reallocate, forfeit, split or reschedule performance fees according to your rules.

Fee transparency is now plug and play_

qashqade provides an easy and structured way to help you centrally track the carry allocations and distributions of your investments. Use it in collaboration with your asset manager to achieve instant, validated carried interest.

Save time and
Our multi-layer, rules-based logic creator is built for running the most specific fund waterfall calculations. Whether it’s performance or management fees, complex calculations are now quick and easy to calculate.
Better risk
Create bespoke metrics that are relevant to your target users and deliver via our automated reporting engine, with beautiful branded reports.
Decisions based
on data
qashqade calculates cashflows and the corresponding fees which unlocks improved results, accuracy, and transparency for all stakeholders.
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An enterprise suite of modules to enhance your solution


qashqade can be delivered on-premise or as a full SaaS solution.