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February 14, 2022

New Video: Let's celebrate qashqade's 4th Birthday!

Let's celebrate our 4th Birthday today!

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January 14, 2022

New Video: Meet our new CFO

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January 5, 2022

New Video: What is qashqade AG?

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December 10, 2021

New Article VC Magazine 2021

Trends in Controlling? Controlling ist der Trend!

Read our latest article in the Venture Capital Magazine.

Read the article

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October 29, 2021

We attend the SuperReturn International, 9-12 November 2021 in Berlin

SuperReturn International is back in person! Join the world’s most influential GPs and LPs to examine the latest opportunities, challenges and projections in a post pandemic world.

What are the key gamechangers for private capital in today’s market?
Hear from the CEOs of leading private equity firms and benefit from data-rich presentations, controversial debates, interactive and informal workshops and roundtables on innovation, ESG, growth, value, regeneration, returns and much more.

Visit our booth and get to know our new Enterprise Solution and what qashqade can do to advance your business!

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September 29, 2021

Meet us at the LPGP CFO/COO Private Debt & Private Equity in London

LPGP Connect CFO/COO Private Debt London brings together CFO, COO, Finance Directors, Operations, Compliance, Risk Professionals and C-Levelled executives working within the global private debt community. Its 3rd annual event will focus on the latest issues for global debt fund managers looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Visit our booth and get to know our new Enterprise Solution and what qashqade can do to advance your business!

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September 20, 2021

We attend the SuperReturn CFO/COO in London

Let's meet in London, it's the perfect place to re-connect with senior private equity finance, operations, compliance and risk professionals and share experiences of navigating the global pandemic and its impact on operations and portfolios.

Visit our booth between September 21-22 and get to know our new Enterprise Solution!

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August 11, 2021

New Video Series: 10 videos and interviews from VC’s around the world

qashqade sponsors the new video series from Global Tech Box:

Get 10 videos of VCs around the world. Our videos will include insider information on 10 investors including the origin, investment focus, fund size, track records, best and worst investments, and more. There are exclusive interviews of the behind-the-scenes decision-makers of each investment company for you. So, this is the perfect chance to get a peek into the minds of key investors in the game and get a better sense of their personalities. Sign up here for free and you’ll receive all 10 videos directly to your inbox – one video per week.

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April 22, 2021

Jeffrey Gelfand, Advisor and CFO, joins qashqade advisory board

Jeff Gelfand, the retired Senior Managing Director and former Chief Financial Officer of Centerbridge, a $28 billion private investment firm, is joining qashqade on its advisory board.

Commenting on his appointment, Gelfand said, “For years I have been saying the biggest risk in private equity is the waterfall calculation.  Typically managed in an ancient spreadsheet model and handed down from controller-to-controller… this exercise, if performed incorrectly, can irreparably damage the GP/LP relationship. This is where the qashqade solution comes in.”
Gefland explained, “qashqade has created a scalable waterfall ecosystem, effectively getting your accounting team and administrator out of risky, decentralized spreadsheets and into a controlled, platform solution. The qashqade solution can ‘hit from both sides of the plate.’  The technology can be used by the GP as a higher-quality, replacement waterfall engine with the ability to do proper scenario analyses and investor reporting.  It can also be used by the LP community as a carried interest fee validation tool, consuming all historical cash flows and comparing the results to the GP statements.  I have never seen anything like it during my 20+ years as a Chief Financial Officer in the investment manager world.”

“Jeff complements our advisory board. As a former Chief Financial Officer of a large private equity organization, he knows the challenges of the industry and understands the value our software can add.  Jeff can add immediate value to our firm and strategy, taking qashqade to the next level,” explained CEO and Co-founder, Oliver Freigang.

Join us in welcoming Jeff to the team.

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April 12, 2021

Product Release 21.0.0

Reporting Tool

The reporting tool allows to produce detailed reports which templates can be created within the application. The templates consist of stacks which determine the granularity of data provided and of columns which contain any data points you need. The data can as well be visualized in many different chart formats. The templates can then be applied to any data set containing one or multiple funds.

Document Generation
The document generator allows to generate notices and statements. The templates for these documents can be configured with uttermost flexibility within the user interfaces of the application. The application provide the possibility to generate and organize personalized texts, data, metrics, statements, charts, pictures on deal, investor or fund level into pdf documents. Reports and generated documents can be stored to an SFTP location of your choosing.

Data Exchange

With our new data exchange module you can connect to multiple other applications and upload data that can be used to support the calculations, reports and documents done in qashqade. The data exchange module allows you to map all data without having to make any changes to your data source. qashqade will take care of the mapping. Therefore qashqade can become your data hub.

After processing the data in qashqade, you can then source the data back into your application landscape. There are specific reporting templates in place for Investran, Allvue and such accounting applications so that the transfer of data is hands-off.

Usability Improvements

And we added some new simplifications:

  • you can now create custom fields to store all your data in one place
  • the ability to run multiple funds and or fund aliases against the same waterfall in just one go
  • more security by allowing you to white- and blacklist IPs the access to your preferred and or most used page by selecting it in your account page
  • the creation of step types right on the step logic creator where you realize that you need a different step type
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April 8, 2021

qashqade, yes we can!

Read our latest article in FOKUS “Success Stories” about how we made our way from the impossible to the possible!

Read the article

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March 10, 2021

Article in BAI december newsletter

Please find below our article in this months BAI newsletter titled "Es ist Unmöglich".

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September 20, 2022
Palais des Festivals de Cannes

IPEM Cannes 2022

Building on new foundations seems like an entirely appropriate theme for IPEM 2022 given the enormity of the shifting macro and geopolitical sands we are currently witnessing.

This is a key moment for the private market industry to take a step back and think about its position in the global economic and financial marketplace. The time for self-reflection is apposite. The need for new foundations on which to build the next phase of growth is very real.

Event Website »
September 28, 2022
The New Yorker Hotel, NY, USA

CFO/COO Private Equity New York

LPGP Connect CFO/COO Private Equity New York brings together CFO, COO, Finance Directors, Operations, Compliance, Risk Professionals and C-Levelled executives working within the global private equity industry.

The 2nd annual event will focus on the latest issues for global equity fund managers looking to stay ahead of the competition. Join over 40 industry leading speakers and solution providers explore the latest developments and solutions for the most pressing issues facing CFOs & COOs looking to deliver operational excellence and ensure they understand the best solutions currently available.

Event Website »
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