Accelex provides data acquisition, analytics and reporting solutions for alternative investors and asset servicers, enabling firms to access the full potential of critical investment performance and transaction data.

The partnership allows clients of both firms to leverage an end-to-end solution, firstly using Accelex for the automated extraction of performance and transaction data contained in unstructured investment documents; and qashqade for the complex valuations analysis, including carry calculation, cash flow forecasting and carried interest administration.

You can learn more about accelex here.

actesy help businesses to connect and orchestrate data and systems independently of the data source and underlying technology.

The partnership means that qashqade users benefit from the ability to integrate all their data sources without restriction of differing versions, systems or database types. Significant time savings are therefore possible, especially during the onboarding process with qashqade, during the data migration phase.

You can learn more about actesy here.

Microsoft Azure is a leading provider of cloud computing services that enable technology businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications on a global network.

By partnering with Microsoft Azure, we are able to leverage their size, credibility, and expertise in providing cloud-hosted services that are secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

You can learn more about Microsoft Azure partners here.

Synpulse is a global management consultancy and trusted financial services partner.

To keep up with the complex demands of private equity investing and providing true end-to-end solutions, qashqade can offer Synpulse’s clients automation to support their calculation and allocation processes, improving both accuracy and efficiency.

The blend of technology and managed services can eradicate errors and time wasting for asset managers, enabling them to make improved data-driven decisions on their consultancy experience.

You can learn more about Synpulse here.

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