Data Exchange from qashqade allows data to be automatically synced from multiple sources and mapped into a single data platform. This provides a seamless solution, eliminating the need to manually move data between applications.

Automatic data formatting, for your downstream applications
Convert data into the format you require for your target system, and avoid tedious manual work, vastly reducing the risk of mistakes. The seamless integration increases accuracy as well as comfort and efficiency

Native Integrations with:
Integrations and data transfer powered by qashqade's open API
A full range of integration options allows qashqade to connect to multiple sources with different data models, applying logic and different operation models to your data. Use the qashqade API or load data using SFTP manually.

Data exchange partner:
Combine multiple sources, calculation runs and reports into one planner to be triggered together
qashqade provides a powerful mapping function, so data can be mapped according to naming conventions, meaning changing your existing report headers won't be required.

The mapping functionality allows you to combine sources, runs and reports into a one-step process, so that all operations are done with just one click.
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qashqade can be delivered on-premise or as a full SaaS solution.