qashqade features a scenario modeling tool to easily test and compare different business outcomes, as well as KPI targeting capabilities for setting and monitoring performance benchmarks. Create bespoke metrics and reports tailored for any private market operation.


Calculate exposure and expected results based on front-office inputs on portfolio planning, as well as on current operations.

By using scenario modeling, deal teams can stay one step ahead and ensure that their portfolios remain on track.

qashqade provides a user interface that allows users to create different scenarios, and then track them throughout the lifecycle of a project, with the ability to make corrective decisions based on reference metrics. With scenario modeling, users may effectively analyze their portfolios and make informed decisions to ensure successful project outcomes.

Liquidity and impact analysis, fast
qashqade can enable you to make data-driven decisions around liquidity. Your data is integrated with the calculations, so you know what the plan means for your liquidity, how much you need to call and when, when you might expect performance fees to be due and what the IRR will be – for one fund or many.
Model and track complete portfolio evolution in one view
qashqade helps you quickly realize changes in your plans, compare deals or portfolios, and assess deviation effect on your numbers. You can easily track performance outcomes without the data-loss risk involved in using other solutions.
Model and run calculations on fund, investor, or deal level
Calculate accurate expected values for all scenarios to manage expectations throughout the lifecycle. Make corrective decisions based on reference metrics with great granularity and accuracy.


Fast gap analysis on desired goals and KPIs: obtain single or multiple forecasted results for decision making or compensation schedule.

Whether you need to decide upon the minimal amount for an asset to sell at while achieving a 20% Net IRR based on all current contributions, fees, and the waterfall calculation or just want to know from which result onward you receive carry.

Get immediate results with graphical indicators and other metrics such as adjacent Net IRR calculation.

Calculate achieving targets on fund or deal level
Use your data to make decisions: the data is integrated with the calculations, so gap analysis for remaining amounts are possible with granularity given by your inputs. No constraints, no pre set rules.
Know your target at any point in time, in real time
Asking for complex calculations, and waiting for results is now an easy task with qashqade:  go to the KPI Targeting screen and let the tool project the numbers for you.
Enjoy the accuracy while trying out different trains of thought
Define the level of accuracy based on your needs. Visualization of the results allows you to contextualize them for further analysis.

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qashqade can be delivered on-premise or as a full SaaS solution.