GP Carry Allocation

qashqade provides an easy and structured way to help you centrally track carry allocations and distributions for eligible participants. You can streamline the administration management of your carried interest programs. You can also provide access to the data to each individual carry holder online via our carry holder screen.

what for?

  • Allocate your carried interest straight from your carry pod calculated via your unique waterfall
  • Provide a direct via of each holding to the carry holder

key features

  • Administer your carried interest allocations by legal entity and by participant
  • Track carried interest points across the organization and multiple legal entities  
  • Steer the cash flow through a flexible structure built out of entities with or without impact on carry allocations  
  • Reallocate, forfeit, split or reschedule carried interest points according your rules  
  • Detailed reporting on structure, structure entity or carry holder level  
  • Online access for carry holders to review their points and their value  

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