Control & Audit Reporting

If you are a new user to the application and/or want to set up a set of new rules then you might want to control if the calculations done by the application is as you might expect it and of course, qashqade supports that – as we want you to be comfortable in using the application to profit from the scale effects. Therefore, there is a detailed and large output which provides you with the results of all calculations done in the application, easy for you to check, but with much more granularity as the reports might provide.

In addition, our Audit Log shows you everything that was done and/or changed on the platform and by whom and when. This report is based on real-time access.

what for?

  • Possibility to control the output of qashqade for every calculation done in the application
  • Full auditability of all changes done in the qashqade application

key features

  • Very detailed output of every calculation done by the application, down to each step, each LP and deal
  • Robust audit controls permanently log the result of all calculations, configuration changes, and user access updates with both user and timestamp information

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