Data Management

Data is certainly the most discussed aspect of any application integration into an existing process landscape. And it is an important aspect of qashqade as well.Therefore the qashqade application provides a comprehensive data management functionality which will allow you to keep the oversight of your data and even more to create new data to test your hypothesis and scenarios – without interference to your actual data which is still used operationally.

what for?

  • Use qashqade as your data hub and centralize critical information
  • Enrich your reports with data loaded not necessarily needed for calculations
  • Create multiple data sets within the same fund to be able to discuss variations without the need to touch the masterdata

key features

  • Create and use as many custom fields as you might need
  • Set-up and organize funds, their deals, transaction types in multiple levels and other data driving parameters
  • Several supported file formats
  • Have a full history of everything loaded

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