KPI Targeting

Let’s assume, you need to decide upon the minimal amount for an asset to sell at while achieving a 20% Net IRR based on all current contributions, fees, and the waterfall calculation. You next step might be to go to your CFO and ask him to do that rather complex calculation. But not any longer with qashqade. Here you just login, go to the KPI Targeting screen and let qashqade do it for you. You get the results immediately on screen with graphical indicators to adjacent NetIRR calculation in addition. Not only will your CFO be happy to spend his time otherwise, but as well you as you do not need to wait on results anymore. And by the way, why not quickly checking from which amount onward you receive carry?

what for?

  • Know what you need to do to achieve a target at any point in time, real time
  • Do it yourself without the need to wait for somebody else providing additional calculations
  • Enjoy the accuracy while trying out different strains of thought

key features

  • Calculate achieving targets on fund or deal level
  • Determine the amount or the timing
  • Adjust to the possibility of multiple results
  • Define the level of accuracy (and therefore the speed of calculation) based on your needs
  • Visualization of the result allow you to contextualize them for further analysis

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