Metrics can be used in many ways. Because they are implemented in the very backbone of qashqade, you can use them effortless in all the situations you might need it. That can be a performance figure you want to include in the communication to your affiliates or a control metric which indicates you at any point in time that the calculation is on spot, or you want to showcase some of the fund analytics in your management reporting. qashqade has engrained the concept of measures and metrics/analytics flexibility and even we get surprised in which variations our customers use the feature.

what for?

  • Use your full range of data for customized analytics
  • Have all your analytics up to date without effort
  • Integrate and communicate your analytics in reports, charts, and documents.

key features

  • Calculate any of your metrics
  • Every metric is fully customizable
  • Generate application-wide metrics but adapt them to specific situations within a specific fund
  • Any data point made available in qashqade can be used in the calculation of the metric
  • Calculate the metrics/analytics to any level necessary, such as per Investor or per Deal or …
  • Use metric results in the carry calculation feature to augment the flexibility of your calculation considerably
  • Report results depending on the target audience in different formats

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