Standard Reporting

With our reporting tool you can easily create diffenrent report types from different data sources and produce output documents. With this practical function you can better understand your costs, track your performance and don't have to make compromises in transparency.​

what for?

  • Run standard reports on your data within seconds
  • Slice and dice, filter and sort the data you want to see on a simple user interface
  • Have your reports customized based on your immediate requirement

key features

  • LP Report gives you an overview of each LPs result and portion to the GP
  • Cashflow Report summarizes the proceeds and carry amounts of a run and show how they evolve over the fund life cycle
  • Run Comparison Report allows to compare the output of two different runs with each other. The output will highlight in different tables what the differences are and helps you to identify the source of these differences
  • Stakeholder Result Report summarizes the results for different users by step type category. Additionally, the full overview of the waterfall calculation is extracted for each LP in a separate tab. If the run was on deal-by-deal then each deal has its own tab for the summary and the details per LP.
  • Carry Allocation Report indicates where the GP cash is flowing to – from the waterfall to a structure, to an entity in the structure, to the employee or source within the entity of the structure. Each cash flow which generates cash for the GP is listed and then split further down. The same cashflow is listed several times in order to reflect the further branching until the employee/source is reached
  • Metrics Report which gives you the result of every metric you have defined by the waterfall run you did. For example, if you created a metric for IRR you would receive the current value reached based on the data included in the last run

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