Better outputs, better outcomes

April 29, 2024

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Luke Hinchliffe

Marketing Director

At qashqade, we believe that with better outputs, come better outcomes. It’s a simple philosophy that underpins what qashqade has been working on since the company was founded in 2018.  

qashqade was founded by Oliver Freigang and Gregor Kreuzer with a mission to automate waterfall and carry calculations, after discovering that more than 90% of calculations across the industry were done in Excel. After building a prototype and taking it to a conference in 2018, some providers and prospects speculated that such a tool was impossible. Naturally, Gregor and Oliver set out to prove them wrong.

Fast forward to 2024, and the qashqade platform has evolved into an enterprise product suite that serves GPs, LPs and fund administrators across Europe and North America. With a powerful waterfall calculation engine at its core, qashqade now also offer a range of modules tailored for different use cases and client types.  

For GPs, we have released modules to give them a true birds-eye view of their aggregated fund data via powerful customizable dashboards, carry overviews and cap table management, giving an instant overview of ownership structures and portfolio values. Our Stakeholder Portal reflects the shift in regulation to improve investor transparency, and offers investors a personalized, secure experience to view sensitive reports, messages and company news and events.

For LPs we continue to offer a dual product and service solution, where our growing team of experts help clients navigate through their LPAs and validate calculations and scenarios using the qashqade application. A GP overview screen allows managers to see all their LPA validations, improving management oversight and reducing risk.  

For fund administrators, we continue to offer unparalleled scale – as we have onboarded some of the world’s largest administrators who require calculations and reporting across thousands of funds. This scale led us to extensively improve the capacity and speed of our application to cope with client demands, which in turn has benefited all our clients.

We offer clients and prospects the following:

  • Guaranteed accuracy
    Accurate, automated calculations for any asset class
  • Trust through transparency
    Improved management oversight and stakeholder transparency
  • Peace of mind
    For all participants in private markets

These benefits culminate in giving our clients a competitive advantage through better outputs, and ultimately, better outcomes. Engineered in Switzerland by private markets experts, qashqade is an award-winning enterprise product suite that streamlines and automates fee and waterfall calculations and reporting for private funds, replacing manual processes and unstable spreadsheets. Contact us today to see how.

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