White Paper: LPA Validation - trust but verify

November 21, 2023



Are you paying too much to your General Partners? Are the management fees they are charging you calculated correctly? Do you have confidence in what is happening across all of your partnership agreements?

Keeping track of the fees associated with fund management, partnership expenses, and carried interest imposed by general partners can prove to be a complex task, primarily due to inconsistent reporting practices, time intensive work to keep track of all the relevant LPA terms, and a pervasive lack of transparency in the industry. In addition, misinterpreted terms from Limited Partnership Agreements can lead to inaccuracies, overpayments, and discrepancies with fund returns.

In this white paper we look at:

  • The regulatory response to GP fee miscalculations
  • Examples of misinterpreted terms and their consequences
  • A solution: LPA Validation from qashqade
  • Case Study: How LPA Validation for a large pension fund discovered discrepancies with the GP’s calculations and led to amounts being credited back to the client

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White Paper: LPA Validation - trust but verify
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