qashqade New Release v22.0.5

September 20, 2022



qashqade has improved its interface and raised its functionality standards through this new release that provides its users with a superior experience for using the most customizable reporting module on the market and the most flexible waterfall calculation engine.  

User experience and Interface

An improved look ‘n’ feel will allow the user to navigate more intuitively and work with the different modules of the platform with the autonomy that qashqades UX permits, both from responsive and full-screen sizes.  

The platform offers upgraded customization, data visibility, and data processing capabilities that are unique in the market.  

The company wants to honor the commitment to its users so that working with the software is always an intuitive and independent experience. Thus, we simplified the user authentication status process and will notify you right away when your profile settings are being changed, making your life easier while login in and keeping all your work safe at the same time. Work whenever and wherever you want with qashqade.  

Waterfall, GP Carry, and Data  

The market's most flexible Enterprise Suite allows users to go as granular as they want, whether talking about metrics, reports, or step relations in the Waterfall functionality. In this new release, a last step in the step logic was added, ensuring LPs and GPs paid are optimized. A further step type category, “Expense,” was added, partner transfers may be added one to one, and Waterfall steps may now run on the fund level.  

Our GP Carry Tool allows to vest upon specific dates or periods now, and our CapTable Manager allows additional fund fields to be edited on the vehicle screen, loaded with the fund load, and used in the reports.  

Reporting and Metrics are the platform’s proudest modules, presenting in-app reporting options and other functions that are unique in the industry.  

Smooth and seamless experience when using the Document Generator or working reporting tables for different stakeholders and entities, our clients decide whether they want to see and share their results through Management Reporting (in-app and spreadsheets) or Document Generation (.pdf files) within their license.  

This time, even more, customization possibilities have been included: decide whether you want to design documents by yourself or use one of our preset templates, be able to rename qashqades’ reports’ headers with internal company concepts using Default Labels, and re-assign columns within a report by just numbering them. You may design donut charts, add them below “Statements”, select values to be displayed among three different progress columns and name them as you wish!  

Adjusted charts legend sizes so as numbers format for transaction numbers improves readability.  

Automatic validation of your document’s designs to your reports ensures efficient and up-to-date work while creating, configuring, and replicating documents.  

Bespoke metrics, bespoke reports, and the possibilities are just what you asked for.

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