qashqade New Release v22.0.8

November 3, 2022



qashqade’s development team have delivered once again with this new release focused on operational scalability!

Several improvements have been implemented in the quest for a user experience that excels in the software solutions for the private markets industry across all market segments.  

Our fund managers are characterized by looking for solutions that allow their teams to perform their jobs better, quicker, and more efficiently. This new release includes new functionality that allows our users to create reports for each account, providing each member of our client’s teams with the individual autonomy that only qashqade can give them.  

The tools currently used today by other solutions simply connect multiple systems and make use of the results calculated externally, whereas the qashqade solution behaves with a high degree of autonomy and does not require a direct link with additional systems.  

Our competitor solutions, whilst filling a space in the market, do not typically include the ability to define calculation rules and so do not provide the degree of flexibility that qashqade provides.

Combined with the fact they do not allow (or are not capable of) internal calculations with the necessary precision, resulting in somewhat delayed processes, this ensures that qashqade fills a need for the more demanding fund manager.

In each release and each period, the development team works tirelessly to make our enterprise suite a tool that finally democratizes access to complex calculations used when Distribution of Waterfalls or Carried Interest Points allocation: this is achieved by maintaining our impeccable security standards and keeping the logic easy to understand so that everyone may run their own calculations, resulting in reducing dramatically the time you spend updating your operational results and analysis.  

We want our clients, users, and their customers to have the possibility to share their results, transactions, and calculations effortlessly, leaving aside the risks of miscalculations made in Excel spreadsheets or the use of multiple software packages to obtain the desired analysis, and the massive loss of time in reporting and administration.  

If you want to know which specific upgrades we deliver to our ecosystem this period, please visit:  Release Notes 22.0.8 - Manual - 22.0.0 (

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