qashqade New Release v23.1.0

April 24, 2023



Spring has arrived, and with it comes an exciting new release from our development team, bringing new functionality and improvements to your qashqade experience.

Increase accuracy with Dynamic Period Restrictions

qashqade users can now choose whether their calculations run with data received until a fixed predefined period, or whether the calculation will include data processed until “today” (or the “run date”). While automating the process to a dynamic rule relative to an event, this newly introduced feature increases accuracy and reduces key-person risk, and is applicable to both funding and paydown periods.

Analyze and track data with LPA Analysis

A new enhancement has arrived for the LP Cockpit, our newest tool specially designed for limited partners. The LPA Analysis functionality allows users to store, manage, comment, and add references to all relevant documents received, making it easier to track and analyze the data used for fee validation reports.

Simplified: transaction types hierarchy management

Managing transaction types is now faster and more intuitive. We have simplified how transaction types are handled in the system and they are now treated as an inherent part of each transaction. Transaction types are no longer managed specifically but are easily available from a dropdown menu included in the transaction view.

Further information can be found in the official release notes.

White Paper: LPA Validation - trust but verify
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