qashqade New Release v23.2.0

July 28, 2023

Luke Hinchliffe

Marketing Director

The Summer release of qashqade (v23.2.0) brings exciting new dashboard functionality and the 'GP Overview', improving management oversight of your funds and LPA validations respectively. This release also features a Workbook Builder, saving you time, as well as other improvements, security enhancements and bug fixes.

Dashboards – get a bird's eye view of all your data

qashqade users will now see a dashboard when they first log into the application. As part of this new release, we have added a number of pre-defined dashboards, giving users an aggregated view at their fingertips. Users can manipulate the dashboards to allow different views based on definable datasets, also allowing users to drilldown into values based on Fund Parameters.  

GP Overview – get management oversight of all your LPA validations

Building on the LPA Validation in a previous release, the GP Overview is a new screen which allows users to see an overview of all their LPA Validations, improving management oversight and reducing risk. Users can run an overview report revealing both final and in-progress validations, allowing the flexibility to filter between each, with a quick overview for that moment-in-time for each validation.

Workbook Builder – save time with multiple reports in one file

Users can now save time with the Workbook Builder, which allows you to combine multiple reports all into one Excel file. Simply select the data sets you wish to include and the reports you want populated,and when exported you will have all the reports produced in a single Excel file.

Other improvements

Other improvements in this release include better report control with Column Configurations per LP, where users can utilize a checkbox on report templates to allow columns to be displayed by LP.

FX rates are now automatically available inthe qashqade application without the need to load them manually every day. Users do have the option to overwrite the FX rates via an upload.

This release includes a number of bug fixes, performance improvements and security enhancements to ensure the continued maintenance and ongoing protection of our application. As part of the qashqade vulnerability management process, we track open vulnerabilities and security issues, and we also perform regular penetration tests on our application and infrastructure.

Further information for qashqade customers can be found in the official release notes.

To learn more about the new functionality, please reach out to your contact at qashqade who will be happy to help. For new business enquiries, please get in touch via this page.

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