qashqade new release v23.3.0 - Introducing the Portal

November 8, 2023

Luke Hinchliffe

Marketing Director

The autumn release of qashqade (v23.3.0) brings brand new Portal functionality, improving communications and transparency with your business partners, as well as a host of calculation engine upgrades, screen performance and usability improvements and platform security updates.

The Portal – improving comms for investors and shareholders

As the needs and expectations of our clients evolve, so does our platform. Today, we're excited to unveil the next chapter in our evolution. The Portal.

The Portal allows you to share documents, events, news and information directly with your clients in a simple and secure way. Data remains secure at the sender's instance and is only transferred encrypted and when needed by the receiver. In this initial release, you can invite clients to join your Portal, send messages, and brand your Portal to match your corporate identity.

Clients can register with ease and navigate through any documentation, news, events or information you have made available to them.

High Watermark - now with improved flexibility

high watermark

The high watermark functionality has undergone some enhancements, introducing new features to provide even greater flexibility. The high watermark assesses whether a particular value at the calculation point surpasses the all-time highest value of an object and returns true if it does.

This functionality has been refined to allow you to define a calculation period, determining how frequently the high watermark value is updated. You now have the option to select from multiple calculation periods, including daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Another improvement is the ability to set the calculation level for deals. You can configure calculation level for all LPs, all deals, or both.

Incremental ratio - now with improved functions

With the latest release, you have the ability to set an incremental period. This means the metric will only increment at the end of the specified period, which can be the end of the respective calendar month, quarter, or year if rolling is enabled. Additionally, you can now enable compounding at periodic intervals. You have the option to select the compounding period during which all values will accumulate.

Allocation rule improvement - access via waterfall setup

This has been improved to allow you to allocate proceeds before the waterfall without the need to create a step. If the drop-down is empty, then it works as previously, if the run is not LP level LP split, then the value in that drop-down is irrelevant and will not be used, otherwise, the allocation rule is applied to the transactions to split to LP level with all rules in place.

Run confirmation addition – better audit control  

This new addition now allows you to mark runs for deletion after a set time or if they need to be kept for auditing reasons, this allows you to control the data maintained on the application and remove unnecessary runs.

Improved UI performance

This release brings screen and user interface improvements improving the speed and user experience for all users.  

The metrics screen has been reworked to improve performance and improve usability for our users. We no longer make use of metric bundles and now have individual metrics which can be used multiple times.  We have also introduced the EOF functionality to this screen, allowing you to utilize the EOF function to create working teams which can work together, allowing them to collaborate with ease.

The Step Creator screen now has improvements on how it handles validation, which is now done in the back-end allowing a more reactive front-end screen. We have also added pagination allowing users to display 25/50/100 results per page.

Security upgrades, bug fixes, general improvements

As part of this release, we have upgraded a number of our back-end libraries and tools that we utilize to maintain the application and identify and remove vulnerabilities to keep the platform secure.  

As with every release of qashqade, an extensive number of bug fixes are dealt with. This release sees bug fixes across the calculation engine, document generation, GP Overview, LP Cockpit and user interface.  

Further information for qashqade customers can be found in the official release notes.

To learn more about the new functionality, please reach out to your contact at qashqade who will be happy to help. For new business enquiries, please get in touch.

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