What is qashqade?

We have developed a unique private market software solution for fund managers, fund administrators and investors.

It consist of 3 main modules and can be used as a data hub for all market players. We are able to connect to various systems via our own interface, therefore reducing valuable time for data migration and potential risk of corrupted data and human errors.

Our software offers a bespoke experience for all stakeholders to provide instant access to their relevant information from anywhere, anytime.

At qashqade we believe that meaningful innovation must serve humans to make better business decisions based on data and technology.

By private markets experts - for private markets experts.

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our bespoke solutions_



private markets

Our calculation engine is the heart_


Our unique calculation engine is driven by making customers life more convenient. It allows you to create an unlimited number of rules based on configurable algorithms. The interface is easy to understand and to use.


  • Improve your risk management and minimizing risks using our private market solution
  • Highly scalable, a new pension fund or fund can be set up within short time
  • Real time data allows you to better manage your accounts
  • The product is working fast and precise and avoids errors in all sorts of calculations

What you get_

Inlcuded Services_



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Our Reporting Engine is the brain_

Reporting Engine

Our sophisticated enterprise solution for the private market sector also provides advanced and customizable reporting’s for all sort of stakeholders.

Your Benefits

  • Every stakeholder has constantly access to his relevant reports as a basic for business decisions.
  • You can create your reports on the go and realtime.
  • Acceleration of the internal communication flow thanks to our unique, user-friendly and real time private market enterprise solution

Our Reporting Modules_



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Our Standalone Products_

What for?

Our ambition is to break down barriers in the industry. One way to do this is to also give customers the opportunity to use individual products and services.

Your Benefits

  • Access to our unique data driven private market solution with no integration in your environment needed
  • Fast and result driven analysis for your desired business case
  • Meets the needs of all sorts of stakeholders like private equity companies, family offices, venture capitalist or real estate

our Q-PLUS modules_

our Q-PLUS Services_

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