We at qashqade are highly trained by experience in handling LPAs, their translation into math and how to reflect the data in internal reports and external communications. This allows us to give you advice in many topics around these topics. We can help you to set-up easier, more profitable, more beneficial and more effective or support you to correct and improve your critical processes with properly calculated and validated decision foundations.

what for?

  • Use our wealth of expertise from having studied many LPAs, calculations, and complexities around the topics of waterfalls, performance fees, data, and reporting
  • Get the advantage of experience in issues and traps to avoid them before they hurt you
  • Profit from broad market overview and experiences of our many clients
  • Have a second set of eyes how a specific LPA term should or could be implemented into calculations

key features

  • Available as a stand-alone service upon your request and when you encounter a specific challenge
  • As an ongoing add-on during your operations with qashqade, the advisory team is available for you

our bespoke solutions_

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