Due Diligence

Are you sure that your current calculations are correct? Did your predecessor set up the current calculation model properly? Do you understand the terms in the LPA as your counterpart does? Before you spend day and night in your calculations and stop seeing the obvious, we are your partner. We can use the qashqade application to figure out differences in understanding, calculations, and datapoints within a short period of time and then we figure out together the reason for these differences. The chance that you never even realize that something is wrong is very high as you got no independent comparison possibility – but now, there is qashqade helping you with that.

what for?

  • Have an independent second set of eyes reviewing your calculations
  • Let an expert team read your LPA to check if there might be an alternative interpretation which could change the outcome
  • Let somebody find the bugs and issues you might have in your current calculation

key features

  • Expert team with many read LPAs in their backpack
  • Excel wizards who will understand eventually your excel and how you do things
  • The qashqade application will make the due diligence much faster than any manual due diligence you ever have done

our bespoke solutions_

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