Managed Service

You want to enjoy the advantages of the qashqade application and use the best trained people to use the application, then Managed Services should be on your discussion list. The qashqade team is certainly the most effective users on the application and now every aspect of it. The Managed Services contains all aspects of handling the application, its input and reporting, always in the specific form of your circumstances.

what for?

  • Entirely hands-off process around selected calculations, investor, and investment reporting workstreams
  • Profiting from qashqade’s quick and reliable service covering not only the software, but also emerging and here-to-stay industry practices
  • Our team can help with qualitative analysis as well, by providing performance narratives, variance analysis and market commentary

key features

  • Complete outsourcing of your model calculations to qashqade from data input to result review and interpretation
  • Fully customized reporting both on apre-agreed as well as on ad hoc basis
  • Profiting from model review, update and improvement recommendations on an on-going basis

our bespoke solutions_

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