The qashqade technology’s existence is justified with your comfortable usage of it. But of course, as for any new application, you need some trainings to get to that point. The qashqade team takes you on a systematic walkthrough of the application covering all modules from calculations to reporting and document publishing. During the trainings you will get hands-on advice on how to best use the application across multiple organizational units and users with different access and data rights.

what for?

  • Getting an overview on how qashqade caters for automating your calculations (e.g. waterfall, KPIs, scenarios) and reporting processes
  • Understanding how qashqade is fit within your overall system landscape and what minimal requirements it poses to data sourcing and outputting

key features

  • Encountering real-life, stylized business cases around data models, modelling frameworks and serving the reporting needs of a broad stakeholder network
  • Laying the foundation for being an independent qashqade user through various workshops and interactive Q&A sessions

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