qashqade new release v24.0.0

March 27, 2024

Luke Hinchliffe

Marketing Director

The early spring release of qashqade (version 24.0.0) brings a range of improvements to the Stakeholder Portal including a Total Compensation Cockpit; third-party application integration; an easier-to-use Partner Transfer feature; and a host of calculation engine, screen performance and security upgrades.

Stakeholder Portal – Enhanced report generation and access

The Stakeholder Portal allows you to share documents, events, news and information directly with your clients in a simple and secure way. Data remains secure at the sender's instance and is only transferred encrypted and when needed by the receiver.

You can now directly generate reports to your Portal, ensuring seamless accessibility for your stakeholders. Users can simply specify the location where reports are generated, as well as set the access level, e.g. “investors only”.

Stakeholder Portal – Total Compensation cockpit

Our Portal now includes a Total Compensation cockpit, providing investors or carry holders with comprehensive insights into their compensations.

Carry Holders can keep track of both realized and unrealized values for all relevant investments, with values broken down for both vehicles and deals.

Application Integration – connect data with any source system

With this release we offer a full integration capability. External applications can have a full hands-off data flow between any source system to qashqade and back to a target system.

The integration with the Entrilia fund accounting application has been finalized and is native now. To learn more about this integration, please contact either Entrilia’s or qashqade’s team.

The qashqade Planner is the central component of the integration with other systems. It allows the user to configure which data is loaded, the logic to be calculated and which reports are being produced.  

The Sources screen has been simplified regarding usability and flexibility to adapt to for full hands-off data integration. The current version includes SFTP sources (semi-manual integration) and ensures a proper file retention and encryption at rest policy.

When qashqade is integrated with another system, the target report is generated to be able to structurally transfer the results back to the target system. The target report can also be downloaded from the Planner or the Archive for review.

The application integration is built on a new set of APIs and connectors to load transactional data. It allows a user to easily configure the connection and authentication with the source and target application.

Updated – Partner Transfer is now more flexible

The partner transfer feature has been updated to be more flexible. It now allows you to transfer any portion of a transferer’s interest to one or multiple transferees, either per fixed percentage allocation or per allocation rule, if there is logic to be applied.

The Fund-Partner Assignment screen has been adapted to include the details of the new partner transfer for easier review of who did the transfer, how much interest to whom and when. In addition, the screen has been redesigned for a better user experience.

Performance, security and general improvements

The data consumption strategy of several screens has been redesigned to ensure that data is only loaded when required, which increased the loading speed of screens between 20% and 90%.

With the clean-up functionality, a user can now automatically clean-up unused configurations and therefore improve the usability and increase the speed of the application further.

Several security items have been addressed. These resulted out of internal and external pen tests and internal policy requirements.

As with every release of qashqade, an extensive number of bug fixes are dealt with. This release sees bug fixes such as: deal-by-deal IRR Hurdle calculation can now be applied to any condition; User interface issues with loading data into drop-downs and other fields; and restricted data profile users can now be added to EOF teams.

Further information for qashqade customers can be found in the official release notes.

To learn more about the new functionality, please reach out to your contact at qashqade who will be happy to help. For new business enquiries, please get in touch.

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